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Scent Seekers

Virtual Scent Work Trials

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Find scents, submit videos, earn titles

Submit four videos of blind searches based on the Scent Seeker requirements for that particular level in order to  earn scent work titles through Scent Seekers.  Please refer to the Scent Seeker Rulebook for a complete description of the rules.

Virtual Trials at a glance

  • Scent Seekers virtual trial submissions are $40.00 per submission.

  • Searches must be blind to the handler.  The hide setter will video the search and give a "Yes" or "No" to any Alert call made.

  • The dog must be on leash while approaching the search area and be on leash when exiting the search area.

  • Time starts when the dog's nose crosses the start line.

  • Hide locations must be clearly visible on camera at the time an Alert call is made in order for the Scent Seeker reviewer to score the hide.

  • A description of each hide location must be submitted with each search video.

  • Blind searches from classes may be used provided the search conforms to the requirements for that level and search element as listed in the rulebook.

  • All four searches do not need to be performed in the same day.

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